QuantumLink Communications

PixelWebWare is an authorised dealer of QuantumLink Communications or QLC. QLC is the developer and marketer of PostMaster, India's top selling email server, with over 5000 customers in India and abroad.

What does QLC offer?

Internet Productivity Suite - The IQuinox suite puts you in charge and enables you to manage all forms of digital communication across the enterprise. The IQuinox platform is a way to manage users through rules spanning all the modules/ plug-ins in the IQuinox suite - IQ Mail, IQ Web, IQ Calendar, AntiVirus for IQ Mail & AntiSpam for IQ Mail. Use IQuinox and enhance your digital productivty.

India's best selling E-mail Server - This simple and easy to use application addresses all your vital e-communication needs, giving you complete peace of mind. PostMaster is ideal for those organizations which are looking for pure and simple email connectivity with a convenient set of pre-loaded rules that ensure low maintenance, optimum resource utilization and maximum productivity. It is a smart communication solution for growing businesses which wish to deploy limited time and mind space to ‘manage' technology related issues.

The Always On Managed E-mail Service - MailServe is our Managed E-mail Service that comes with a plethora of state-of-the-art features designed to provide comprehensive Internet and mail hosting solutions. Equally important is the fact that it comes with the commitment of extremely high levels of uptime. MailServe features include Archiving, Antispam and Antivirus, Web based E-mail access and Web based Admin.

The Internet Productivity suite
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Lite-weight, tightly engineered mail server that's simple to setup, administer and maintain
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The Always On Managed E-mail Service
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Why QLC?

Over the past eight years, we have PostMaster running live at over 4000 customer installations. In addition to this we also have over 2500 IQuinox and MailServe installations. We feel this is the biggest testimonial we can provide you. Our products and services have been approved for use by some of the leading lights of Indian industry.

We give you Tech Support via phone, e-mail, website and chat. For onsite support, we can help you with installation, training and maintenance. Our network of eight branch offices, and channel partners across the country ensure that help is always at hand wherever you may be in India.

Get in touch with us now for the maximising the productivity of your e-mail!