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Domain Registration
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A domain name is a name, such as DomainName.com or Pixelwebware.com, which uniquely identifies you or your company on the Internet. They can be used For web sites and e-mail addresses (such as you@MyPrivateDomain.com). At present we can register your company and you will be granted your own www.yourdomainname.com .Pixel webware can register .com .net .org

What's In a Domain Name?

Domain names are how we call websites, in much the same way that we call people by their names. It's important to realize that while people often have identification numbers but always have names, websites always have a number called an IP address to identify them, while they often have domain names as well.

Why Does My Site Need a Domain Name?

It's easier for people to remember names than numbers. I can't prove it, it just seems like one of those things you take for granted. Many feel that having their own domain name is an expense that can wait or that it takes more knowledge than you posess. Neither of these are valid.
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